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In the course of my 35 years working as a professional photographer I have covered a wide variety of photography themes, including Weddings, Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs, Events, Parties, Banquets , Celebrities, Families, Pregnancy, Head Shots, Portraits, Interior and Exterior, Products, and Fashion.

I view the camera as a wonderful and powerful instrument, that can perform miracles, by documenting the moment and even changing modifying reality itself.

In addition to producing top quality photography I emphasize capturing the moment in a way that will bring forth the best image of the person whom I photograph.

My style is classic and photojournalist. I aim to create pictures that touch a deep place in the viewer & connect with people in pleasant and friendly manner. I have a portable studio and I’m well equipped to shoot on location indoor and outdoor.

My Goal is to provide my clients with a combination of the best of my professional expertise. I love my work because it is a vocation I feel passionate about.



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